15 October 2009

Fixing lag/delay problem for Wacom tablet

I tested a Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch tablet. After installing the tablet and driver I noticed that there was a delay between the movement on the tablet (both using pen and touch) and the movement of the mouse cursor on the screen. It was very noticeably when comparing to a corded mouse.

I read some hints on the internet (this blog post: http://michaelauerswald.de/2008/11/06/wacom-intuos3-on-vista-lag-problem-solved/) that disabling the Wacom Virtual Hid Driver would help. And I think it did! Now I think the delay is almost equal to the corded mouse (and that is good).

In Windows 7:
  • Open Control Panel
  • Under Devives and Printers click Devied Manager
  • Open the node in the tree called Human Interface Devices
  • Right click on Wacom Virtual Hid Driver and choose Disable
  • Reboot


  1. Thanks that worked perfectly! Should have suspected the new fancy gadget was slowing things down...

  2. Thank you very much for the tip. It worked as charmed!

  3. it could also be a conflict between windows pen and touch settings and the wacom tablet settings, as in this thread... http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itprohardware/thread/ab87b197-aaf9-43f0-a614-aab9329814a3/

  4. Any idea what the solution is for Windows 8? There is no wacom virtual hid driver listed.

  5. Actually I recon the link that bnt posten is a better solution, if you disable the HID - driver your tablet will just be a glorified mouse. Worked "okay" for me but the best thing you can do is just reinstall the drivers in the way that is described in the manual you got with your tablet, this is a driver issue and if you get this problem your tablet is not working as it should be.

    reinstall the drivers or reboot your PC, it should help and give you a fully functional tablet.

    (PS the drivers should override the native tablet functions of win7 if installed properly)

  6. my computer doesn't have "wacom virtual hid Driver"