30 August 2009

A slightly better blogger post editor

One of the bad things about Blogger is the bad post editor. Today I found out I can choose a slightly better editor. Enable it in Basic settings:
The editor is bit better on image handling. But I'm not quite happy with it since I cannot choose 100% image size. 100 % is the only size that screen shoots look nice.

One thing I still miss is a feature to include source code.

19 August 2009

Time to upgrage eclipse when @Override does not work

When using an old version of Eclipse 3.2.1 from September 2006 I got this type of error:
The method actionPerformed(ActionEvent) of type NAME_OF_CLASS_AND_METHOD must override a superclass method

The class had this definition:
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {

The problem was solved when upgrading to a newer version of Eclipse (3.5). I'm guessing the support for the @Override annotation was a bit limited.

17 August 2009

Started with Android

I've started to learn to program Android. From about two weeks of programming I have one good thing and and bad thing to say:

Good: The programmer has a great deal of freedom. For example I can create a program to replace the Home/Start screen application. I can also access all the hardware (for example GPS, SMS, sensors).

Not to good documented yet. There are many classes in API that lacks documentation and you have to guess how to do things.

More info on the Android developer site.