29 May 2010

SonyEricsson X10 mini USB adb debugging/development drivers

If you are an Android developer and want to connect to your X10 mini via USB this is the way to do it. It is assumed that you already know how to develop Android applications and have the Android SDK and Eclipse installed.

1. Enable USB-dev mode: Settings -> Applications-> Development -> USB debugging

2. Connect the USB cable

3. On the phone choose "Install PC Companion"

4. Install USB Driver (updated 2010-05-31)
Install the PC Companion (version 2.00.115). Let PC Companion update (and download a new version, my was 2.00.134).

This is how it will look in Device Manager when the Sony Ericsson ADB Interface driver is installed

5. Reboot the computer

6 . Optional: Uninstall PC Companion (in my opinion the program does not add any real value). The USB drivers will not be uninstalled.

7. Check that is works
C:\Documents and Settings\Lennart>adb devices
List of devices attached
43123531389A394D38F5    device

8. Develop
Set up a Run Configuration on one of your Android projects and choose "Manual" target:

When running choose your device:

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