11 June 2012

Create named "screen"s to continue work later

The Unix command screen is a great command that lets you manage your login sessions. If you for some reasons shares an account with several people or have many different contexts it is useful to crate a named screen session:

lennart@pingvinen:~$ screen -S myScreen

To list all the screens use:
lennart@pingvinen:~$ screen -list
There are screens on:
        14825.myScreen  (2012-06-11 08.15.28)   (Attached)
        14692.pts-0.pingvinen   (2012-06-11 08.13.25)   (Detached)
2 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-lennart.
Note that  one of the screens are named (the myScreen) and one is unnamed and gets a default name.

To attach to a named screen:
lennart@pingvinen:~$ screen -r myScreen

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  1. i've switch from screen to tmux! give it a try :) btw, nice blog :)