24 February 2012

Set up a VNC Server on Linux

I would like to reblog this: How To Setup Linux VNC Server In 3 Minutes. It is a good guide on  how to set up a VNC Server in Linux (via command line only).

While I'm on the topic I'll make a ranking of how good different programs/technologies (I have tried) to remotely login and get a graphical interface:

  1. Microsoft RDP. This protocol is probably the best. It can handle high latency rather good. It will adapt to screen size and copy commands always work. The big disadvantage is the high price (about one Windows license per concurrent RDP session).
  2. Go Global. It is also very fast, but also comes at a price. One drawback is that is not so common.
  3. VNC. This protocol is rather okay on handle latency. One disadvantage is that the screen size is fixed during startup.
  4. X11. The worst protocol to handle latency. This can totally destroy a user experience! The big advantage is that it is free and always works.
And there is bunch more I never tried...

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