05 April 2009

A simple under clock experiment

I have one computer in a closet. It is a server that is always on. I did a little experiment to see how under clocking the CPU would affect temperature and power consumption.

The CPU is a AMD Atholon 3500+ that clocks in a 2,2 GHz. During the test I had 2 Gb of memory and one Samsung 80 Gb, 2 platter 2,5 inch hard drive (a notebook hard drive).

SpeedPower consumptionTemperature (high fan speed)Temperature (low fan speed)
2,2 GHzLoad36 W5260
Idle26 W3940
1,8 GHzLoad35 W4653
Idle25 W3739
1,0 GHzLoad30 W4244
Idle25 W3739

I did not modify the VCore anything during these tests, I let the motherboard decide that. My guess is that with more tuning of the VCore I would have gotten better numbers.

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