11 March 2009

Where are the numerical-less keyboards?

I want more keyboards that are full size without a numerical keyboard. Why? It is a purely physical requirement! A person that uses the mouse in the right hand does not have to use as wide angle of the arm if the keyboard is narrower. Even a slight change in angle of the arm increases the risk of mouse arm syndrome. A human person arms are its most comfortable when angling into the direction of the body. A user of the classical finger position on the keaboard (“asdf jkl√∂” on my keyboard) has a long way to the mouse on the right side, probably risking to angle the arm outside the body.

The only keyboard that I have found is the Logitech Dinovo cordless desktop for notebooks (it is no difference between the “for notesbooks” and “laser” except the mouse). It now looks like Logitech is going to stop producing this keyboard (it can only be found in the support section on www.logitech.com).

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